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Our Clients

We've helped over a dozen companies, here's a few of our featured clients:


iOS Application Development


High Intensity Training for CrossFit Athletes. We built the App and launched the business.


iOS Application Development


Walmart is the Fortune 1 company. We owned and delivered a new Search & Browse experience on iPhone.


iOS Application Development

Description is a new video chat experience. We helped ship version 1.0 of the iPhone App.


iOS Application Development

Description is a new type of dating experience. We helped build the team, manage engineering, and code version 1.0 of the iPhone App. We also managed the engineering team for version 2.0.


iOS Application Development

Description is the mobile marketing platform for small businesses. We helped build and manage the engineering team and launch version 1.0.


iOS Application Development


Privacy Shield by lets consumers talk, text, and email without exposing their contact information. We built the proof of concept for iPhone and Android.


iOS Application Development

Description is Audio Augment Reality for museums, and art galleries. We built Digita11y, the iPhone App that sits on top of Roundware technology.

Our Service

We ship version 1 for funded startups and we own new initiatives for Fortune 500 enterprises.


We have deep technical expertise in building the correct App. We write Objective-C and Swift for iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and Apple Watch. We've been doing it since day 1 of the App Store. We integrate customer developement, path to market, business models, and product/market fit with our development expertise.

Mobile CTO as a Service

We will help you recruit a team that executes. We help you build a budget. We manage weekly sprints and review all code. We ensure projects stay on track. The result is engineering management and technical strategy that invigorates your business.

Technical Audit

You may already have an App that was built in-house or by a third-party vendor. We review code and tally technical debt. We debug your development process and provide technical due diligence. The result is confidence in the technology behind your business.


Which features should be built today? Which features should we build this quarter? Should we focus on engagement or growth? What are the metrics that drive our business? We can answer these questions for you and distill them into a roadmap that you can have confidence in.

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About Us

Smartful Studios was founded by Parveen Kaler in 2008.

Smartful Studios was founded in Vancouver, BC, Canada. We live the mobile life and live and work remotely. We are happy to visit clients when required.

We optimize for impact. We strive to build Apps that touch as many people as possible.

Parveen Kaler
Parveen Kaler

Parveen has been building software for almost two decades. He was a game developer in a previous lifetime and shipped games for PC, XBox 360, Sony PlayStation 3, and the Sony PSP.

He spends his days writing Swift, Objective-C, and Ruby. He has been building iPhone Apps since 2008. When he isn't writing code he focuses on building great teams that build great products that build great companies.

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